Eudora Volunteer Fire Department:

Annual Fire Protection Membership Dues/Donations


What is EFD Financial Goal?


Our financial goal is to provide reliable fire protection services as economically as possible to the Citizens of Eudora. This includes keeping abreast of any grants available, long term planning and budgeting of equipment replacement and district expansion, researching the best financing options, setting fair fire due rates and keep the rate structure in line with financial needs and plans.


What is the purpose of Fire Protection Membership Dues?


Fire Protection Membership Dues is 1/3 of your Fire Department’s Budget. Fire dues fund:


  • Equipment Maintenance and Replacement (Turn out gear, replacement of fire hose, etc.)

  • Apparatus Maintenance and Replacement (Replacement of alternator, partial payment of a new apparatus, etc.)

  • Personnel Training Expenses (firefighters training and travel to fire academy, educational refreshers in order to keep national and state certifications and licenses, etc.)

  • Operation Expenses (Fuel, office supplies for record keeping, etc.)

  • Fire Department and Community Functions (Easter Egg Hunt, Fire Department Annual Meeting Christmas Dinner, etc.)

  • Emergency Expenditures (Engine Replacement in Fire Truck, Pump Packing Replacement, etc.)


How much are Eudora Fire Protection Membership dues?


Non-developed parcels of land: $30.00 annually

Residential parcels of land: $60.00 annually

Commercial parcels of land: $100.00 annually.


When are Fire Protection Membership Dues mailed out?


Fire Protection Membership Dues are mailed annually on April 1 of each year.


How can I pay my Fire Protection Membership Dues?


You can send a check with your name, phone number, billing address and the address of the property to be registered (if different) to:


Eudora Fire Department

Attn: Fire Dues

P.O. Box 936

Hernando, MS 38632


You may also pay with credit card online at:


Are Annual Fire Protection Membership Dues mandatory?


NO. This is a donation to the Eudora Fire Department to operate for the purposes previously described. This aids the fire department in keeping lower insurance ratings and striving to expand in the future.


If I paid my Annual Fire Protection Membership Dues, does the fire department charge additional cost to respond to an emergency at my address?


NO. The benefit of being an Annual Fire Protection Membership Dues Member is the Eudora Volunteer Fire Department will not charge a fee to respond to your incident.


If I didn’t pay my Annual Fire Protection Membership Dues, does the fire department charge additional cost to respond to an emergency at my address?


YES. The owner may be liable for cost incurred by the fire department (including manpower, equipment, fuel, etc.) that are expended for your response.