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In 2009, Eudora Volunteer Fire Department received a donation of a parcel of land off of Green River Road to build a future substation to provide better emergency response and to aid creating a fire protection district to lower insurance rates. From 2010 - 2012, we were unable to finance this project due to fire apparatus loan payments of almost $60,000 a year. In September of 2011, the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors authorized solicitation of an architect to study the county owned building, the Eudora Fire Station (built in 1979), to come up with constructive options for renovation and repair (1, Bailey). 


In 2013, we had a busy year of progress. The DeSoto County Board of Supervisors, with the recommendation of the DeSoto County Emergency Services Steering Committee, approved the renovation of the Eudora Volunteer Fire Department Station 6, located at 9341 Highway 304 W. When bids came back for the project at about $660,000 (2, DCBOS), the project had to be reevaluated due to lack of funds. Your volunteer firefighters, along with other volunteers from our community, the DeSoto County Road Department, and DeSoto County Emergency Services, rolled up our sleeves and volunteered our time, with the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors to pay for materials and specialized labor, to complete the renovation for about $200,000, saving our community taxpayers $460,000 compared to the initial bid.


Also in 2013, we had paid off all fire apparatus debt. Unfortunately, Tanker 6, a 1984 Gruman Class "A" Pumper/Super Tanker with 2,500 Gallon Water Tank, engine became inoperable and unrepairable. The truck, no longer being rated by the MS Rating Bureau, needed to be replaced. The Eudora Fire Department Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors voted to purchase Engine 66, a Frieghtliner Class "A" Pumper/Tanker with 3,000 Gallon Water Capacity for $248,145. $88,000 was deducted from the purchase price for trading in Tanker 6 and Ladder Truck 6, a 1991 Simon Duplex 110' Class "A" Pumper/Ladder Truck with 400 Gallon Tank, for an apparatus loan total of $160,145 over a 6 year period. 


By January 2014, we began a petition to annex our northern fire service area into the Eudora Fire Protection District to generate lower insurance ratings. We worked together with the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors to compile a list of landowners and the required 160+ acre landowners. We attended community meetings and went door to door.


In July 2014, the Eudora Fire Protection District had been graded by the MS Rating Bureau and we had our rating lowered to a Class 7. This was due to the Eudora Community for providing the fire dues and donations that made purchasing the new Engine 66 and other equipment possible. The hard work and dedication of each and every Eudora Volunteer Fire Department Firefighter and Member for the last 5 years had been graded for response to emergency calls, documenation and completion reports, maintained accurate records and documented repairs of apparatus and equipment. During this time, we learned that Engine 6 was no longer able to be graded for insurance purposes


Also in July of 2014, the Eudora Fire Department met with the DeSoto County Emergency Services Steering Committee with a 10 year Strategic Budgeting Plan and Funding Proprosal. With assessed property values down and a limited county budget, the DeSoto County Emergency Services Steering Committee was unable to fund our proposal. This was a speed bump to our progress. With dedication and thought, we adapted the plan to focus on maximizing and strengthening our current assets to benefit in lowering insurance ratings. 


By January of 2015, our continued efforts to recieve our last remaining signature for the petition have been exhausted. By February 2015, we had reached out to a representative of this property and at the time of this posting, we have not heard back. On March 30, 2015, in an effort to lower insurance ratings with no tax increase, the Eudora Fire Commissioners and Board of Directors voted to begin the application paperwork and bid paperwork to construct Fire Station 13 on Green River Rd. We are working together as a team with the DeSoto County Fire Coordinator's Office, the DeSoto County Emergency Services Steering Committee, and the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors to form a fire protection grading district. To create this district, it will require the construction of a substation, to house a Class "A" Pumper (which we already own), and the volunteer manpower and paperwork to be graded by the MS Rating Bureau. The construction of the fire substation will be financed by the Eudora Volunteer Fire Department strategically over a period 30 years. 


Thanks to all who have donated their time, money, knowledge, and expertise to making our goal of Station 13 a reality, and making this community great.

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